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The Wedding Rings of Hinrichsen Jewelers.  Every person has their own taste and Hinrichsen Jewelers recognizes this fact.  Please come visit our store in Phoenix and see our wedding bands for yourself!

Next to the engagement ring, selecting wedding rings can be one of the most important decisions a couple makes as they plan their blessed day. The wedding band is the ring you and your partner will wear forever to remind you of your commitment to one another. Wedding rings can come as individual parts or combine the wedding ring with an engagement ring to display your commitment. Whether you choose yellow gold or white gold, platinum or titanium, the rings' design and color are all up to you.

Hinrichsen Jewelers helps couples make these important decisions.
We will design your wedding bands to be as perfect as your special day!

Depending on what you desire in the way of stone(s), plain metal band or brushed, color, and the kind of metal you want, Hinrichsen Jewelers will get you the wedding ring you desire and deserve. Something else to consider for your wedding ring is whether to have something engraved on the inside; some people have their wedding date, others have a special message, while others yet have their names. Some people have jewelry pieces that they want incorporated into a new piece for their wedding ring. Hinrichsen Jewelers of North Phoenix will be able to assist you with creating your one-of-a-kind wedding ring using stones or settings you might already have.

Please come visit our store and see for yourself!

In any case, let Hinrichsen help you find or create the ring that will share, with the rest of the world, that you and your significant other are committed to one another. Hinrichsen Jewelers of Northwest Phoenix has his and hers wedding rings as well as individual pieces that are appealing to everyone with every kind of taste and design.