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Innovative by tradition, Citizen watches have been making waves since the beginning.  Whether you are looking to purchase your first Citizen watch or looking for more information about the brand you love, Hinrichsen Jewelers of North Phoenix has the Citizen watch you are looking for.When you own a Citizen watch, you own a timepiece that combines years of tradition with the latest in precision technology. Citizen has a long history of making accessible luxury watches in both sport watch and dress watch styles.

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Citizen watches count themselves among the most advanced series of watches ever, offering cutting edge technology and features that are unsurpassed. Citizen offers a large variety of ladies' and men's watches, ranging from the rugged, to sporty to very elegant and fine.  Citizen makes beauty, style, and excellence accessible to you by offering you a fine watch at a very affordable price.  Available in steel, gold tone, and with diamonds, Citizen is a truly versatile brand of fine watches.

Hinrichsen Jewelers is proud to be an official authorized Citizen watch dealer. With a large selection of fine timepieces offered in our vast collection, our unique selection of luxury women's and men's watches includes watches of the world's finest variety. Precision, timeless elegance and innovation await the discerning customer.  Just as the results of the most prestigious fashion designers of the world rely on the perfect blend of cut and fabric,Citizen timepieces blend the perfect mix of elegant lines with top-grade materials to match. The watches from Citizen express their special-made character through their uncompromising quality and attention to every detail. Citizen watches stand up to the test of time and outlive any fashion trend.

Phoenix Citizen Watches in the 85022 area.