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Hinrichsen Jewelers offers a wide selection
of Custom Jewelry in North Phoenix.

We will make your piece one of a kind.  Custom Jewelry designed by Keith Hinrichsen of Hinrichsen Jewelers.  Every person has their own taste and Hinrichsen Jewelers recognizes this fact.  Please come visit our store and see for yourself!

Every person has unique taste and sense of style, Hinrichsen Jewelers of North Phoenix recognizes this fact.  Hinrichsen Jewelers will help you create the piece of jewelry you have always wanted.

Hinrichsen Jewelers has designed numerous pieces for clients based on the their own descriptions.  Hinrichsen Jewelers has also helped create various pieces for clients from drawings or inspiration from existing pieces.  Necklaces, rings, brooches, bracelets‚Ķ Any type of jewelry you desire, we will help make your dream or wish a reality.

Whether Hinrichsen Jewelers is working with silver, gold, or titanium the metal you choose is what we will deliver to you.  In addition, we purchase only the finest gemstones in various sizes and cuts.  Ask to see what have available.  If the stone you wish to have is not currently available, we will do what we can to acquire the stone you seek in the size, cut, and clarity you desire.

For our Custom Designer, Keith Hinrichsen:

  • Good design is never at odds with personal taste.
  • He does not believe in imposing his aesthetic tastes on others.
  • He prefers  great designs built around his client's own personal style.
  • He enjoys creating clean, elegant designs in precious metals and gemstones.

Have Keith design that perfect piece of jewelry for you or that special someone in your life.

Please come visit our store and see for yourself!

Custom jewelry is just that.  Custom.  We will make your piece one of a kind or make a set, all depending on what you are looking for with your design options.  Allow Hinrichsen Jewelers to create your one of a kind masterpiece.